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Simplicity was needed.

In 2006 we realised that possibly millions of New Zealanders were missing out on their tax refunds from the Inland Revenue Department(IRD), because the systems in place to claim were far too difficult.

We decided something needed to be done to make this process simple. Simple as Refunds was born to help New Zealanders claim what is owed to them without the hassle of dealing with the IRD. We became the first company in New Zealand to specialise in a mass tax refund service for wage and salary earners. We were recognized for this in 2008 by winning the Westpac Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship award.

We are members of Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand. We pride ourselves on always offering the best professional service possible and provide assurance to the public that we abide by a professional code of ethics and are monitored by our professional body.

Our latest innovation is to provide a lower cost service online. This continues our ethos of being absolutely first to fight for the wage and salary earners of New Zealand.

We believe our service provides the absolute best value to clients who wish to compare all of price, quality and professional service.

Greg Finlay BCom. C.A.