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How much does your service cost?

We charge a flat online fee of 14%. This is calculated on your total refund, with no minimum charge per year. We automatically deduct our fees from your refund so there is no up front payment to be made. Our fees are tax deductible so we can claim this as an expense against your income when we file your return the following year, saving you even more money.

We have a no refund no charge policy; this means if you are not due a tax refund you will not be charged. We do not charge a fee if IRD takes your refund to cover arrears and we charge a lesser fee if your refund is reduced.

We have a Continued Service option. By choosing this option you will receive a discounted fee of 12.5% and we will automatically assess your refunds for you each year.

What do I need to apply?

All you need to provide is your IRD number, basic personal information and an appropriate form of identification. If you are under the age of 16 you will also need to email us a copy of your parent’s identification and obtain their consent.

What identification do you accept?

We can accept a valid New Zealand driver’s licence or a colour scan or photo of your NZ Passport, Overseas passport with NZ Immigration Visa/Permit, NZ Firearms Licence, NZ 18+ Card, International Drivers Permit, or a NZ Certificate of Identity.

If you are under 16, you must apply using a NZ Birth Certificate.

How long does it take to receive my refund?

We usually deposit your refund into your bank account within 20 working days. You will be informed if this time frame is extended due to IRD availability. Please note that this does not include the current tax year which will arrive between June and July. This time frame may also be longer for customer’s who have student loans, working for families, child support, schedular payments or part year income connections. If you have an IR3 to be processed, this may take up to 10 weeks.

Am I eligible for a tax refund?

We will not know if you are eligible for a tax refund until you have submitted an application form. Once we receive your application we can calculate whether there is a tax refund available. The refund you are entitled to will be determined by the amount of tax you have paid in relation to your total earnings. On average, about 75% of our customers receive a tax refund.

What if I owe Inland Revenue Department (IRD) money?

As Tax agents we can preview your information without requesting a Personal Tax Summary (PTS). We then process tax refunds only so you will not get a tax bill however will advise you of any compulsory filing requirements you have. If you have any outstanding arrears with the IRD, the IRD will use your refund to pay these in the first instance. If your entire refund is used to pay arrears, you will not receive an invoice from us.

If I use Simple As Refunds Ltd to complete my tax refund, will the IRD know which years haven’t been processed and send me a bill?

They will know the years that haven’t been processed but will not issue a PTS or ask you to file a tax return for those years unless you are required to file a request.

Do you process IR3 tax returns for rental properties or if I am self employed?

Yes, we are a full service Chartered Accountancy Practice. Please contact us for a free quotation.

I have received Work and Income/ACC payments in the past 5 years; can I still apply for a refund?

Yes, however your tax refund will still depend on the percentage of tax you have been paying in relation to your earnings and it is unlikely that you will receive a refund if you have only received Work and Income or ACC for the whole tax year.

Am I obliged to use your company again?

No. There is no ongoing obligation. You can sign up to use our Continued Service Plan, in which case you will continue to be linked to our agency for income tax purposes and receive a loyalty discount of 12.5% in subsequent years. Otherwise, normally after you receive your refund, you will be delinked from our agency list. If you have no refund you are usually delinked the following day.

Who will see my personal information?

We are a confidential service bound by the privacy act. Only our office staff members view your information and for refund purposes only. We do provide IRD with information as required to process your PTS or file your return or to update their records. If you would like to see more on the privacy act you can view it here. We are required to keep all information on record for seven years after which it is then destroyed.

Are you Chartered Accountants?

Yes, we are Chartered Accountants with over 30 years experience. We are the only tax refund company who are Chartered Accountants.

What If I already use another Tax Agent?

If you apply for refund with Simple As Refunds Ltd, we will become your new tax agent. This means your previous tax agent listed with the IRD will no longer act as your tax agent.

When can I apply for the most recent tax refund?

Please complete an online application form or download our offline application form. Alternatively, please call our office on 0508 746 753 to request an application form be posted to you. We expect the most recent tax refunds to be paid out between June and July. This is due to the IRD not releasing Personal Tax Summaries (PTS) until late April or early May.

I am under the age of 16; can I still apply for a tax refund?

Yes. You must however use your NZ birth certificate as identification and as an extra security measure, we require you to email us a colour scan or photograph of your parent’s identification before we can process your refund. You will also need to provide parental consent.

How can I update my details with you?

Email or phone us on 0508 746 753 and we can update your details for you. This is important if you have chosen to use our continued service.

How many years are you able to process for me?

We are able to process refunds for the past five years. If you forget to apply every year, we offer a Continued Service and a loyalty discount for using this service.

How does your Continued Service work?

Our optional ongoing service means that until you inform us otherwise, we will continue to process your refund automatically every year. This saves you the hassle of applying year after year. You also receive a bonus, a discounted rate of 12.5%

Can’t find the information you are after?

Please contact our office for more information. 0508 746 753.